Developing News Leaders

Choosing the right agency is critical.  Are you sick and tired of receiving the same rejection letters from news directors? DNL was designed by a team of media professionals with decades of experience and the skills to help turn rejection letters into offer letters!

The secret is individualized attention and one on one talent coaching and long-term talent development. Ask yourself the following question, “how much feedback am I receiving on a daily/monthly basis from my News Director or management team.” For most clients starting out…the answer is none. How can you grow your on-camera skills without professional guidance and feedback?

DNL is a totally different type of agency. We are not a mega-agency with thousands of clients. DNL by design, is an agency designed for clients with less than 5-years of experience who are looking for guidance and feedback to move into a TOP 40-markets.

Why are you sending out an “escape tape” that is highlighting your flaws? At DNL, our goal is to work with you to correct the problems before a news director ever reviews your work. Weekly coaching will help you to start improving immediately. Fix the flaws and then send out your tape and resume.

If you are an Anchor, Reporter, MMJ, Sportscaster, or Meteorologist with the desire to move up in markets…we want to see your work today. Contact us today and let us help you to achieve your long-term goals!


David Paul

Founder & CEO

With over 15 years of experience in broadcast television with FOX, ABC and CBS, cable, radio and interactive marketing I have seen it all.  I know what it takes to be great, and how hard you have to fight for your people to stand out.  I am relentless to help make all of your goals a reality.    

Laurie Elliot

Founder & CEO

With over 12 years in production and creative, I have worked behind the scenes with some of the best on air talent across the United States.  I can help develop your talent and take your talents to the next level.

Gavin Maliska

Talent Agent/Scout

Gavin Maliska has nearly 30 years experience in television newsrooms, as a newsroom manager in
Chicago and Detroit, and as news director in Greenville, Mississippi; Macon, Georgia; Panama City
Beach, Florida; Missoula, Montana; Orlando, and Indianapolis. He has guided many young journalists in
developing the skills and talents that define their crafts in reporting, writiing, videography, editing, on-
camera performance, anchoring, and presenting weathercasts. Many reporters, anchors and
meteorologists who started in his newsrooms successfully followed their dreams to rewarding careers. In his role as agent with DNL Media Agency, Gavin is excited to be able to help more broadcast
journalists realize their dreams.
Gavin and his wife, Elizabeth, live with their two golden retrievers in a small town outside of Chicago.